Our children and teachers are one of our most important priorities. That’s why my goal as Sheriff will be to protect them in every way I can. Toward that end, I hope to place a School Resource Officer (SRO) in every Calvert County Public School.

So far, we’ve been fortunate. There have been no school shootings in our county but they’ve come close. In 2018, there was a shooting incident at a St. Mary's County High School and just 2-months ago, a Charles County School Resource Officer removed a ghost gun from a student in one of that county’s high schools. To date, we’ve been blessed to escape such an incident here, but it can happen and it can happen without any warning whatsoever.

That’s why I intend to work towards expanding our School Resource Officer program to every county school, including our elementary schools. After all, SROs are our first line of defense should the unthinkable occur.

Currently, an SRO is assigned to each of our four high schools and six middle schools. Our deputies serve as mentors to our children and provide after-school security at our numerous sporting events. Deputies at our middle schools are also responsible for checking in on nearby elementary schools. But I want to extend the program so that each of our 13 elementary schools has its very own SRO.

This won’t come cheaply. The cost has been estimated at about $1.2 million. But how much is too much to ensure our children’s safety? That’s why I will work diligently with the Board of Education, our Calvert County Commissioners and teachers’ groups to expand the program so each facility has a Sheriff’s vehicle parked outside and an armed deputy inside.
Hopefully, that will be enough of a deterrent to anyone thinking about doing harm to our youngsters. But God forbid, if it’s not, at least a trained deputy will be there to intervene in the chaos until back-up arrives.