Been a lot of thought on Sheriff here in Calvert County; for all of us. We have heard and witnessed a fair amount of inconsistencies currently. Craig Kontra, is an individual that saw a lot of this internally for years and he voice his concerns by running 12 years ago. Born a Democrat in a union family, he made up his own mind after seeing the manipulation in the party for those they were claiming to help. As a gun collector and 2nd Amendment advocate he is strong where Calvert would need him. He took a stand on transparency for this county, that cost promotions…he was willing to do that. He was also the only person running for Sheriff that attended our event with Mark Meckler, who is the foremost constitutional conservative in the US with 5 million followers. Some talk about what they do. Craig has been doing it with convictions. He can bridge the gap between parties and its time we did so. With someone new, it could take years to find the problems. Craig can do it now and has proven convictions to accomplish it. One fun fact; he has a friend that is a forensic accountant. Believe he can find where we can save from our budget rather than write more checks that taxpayers have to pay. Thanks for coming to our event Craig. Wish you all the best.

Susan E. Shaw endorses Craig Kontra For Sheriff in 2022


Craig Kontra for Calvert County Sheriff 2022

I am supporting Craig Kontra for Sheriff of Calvert County! While I am impressed by the 4 other candidates who have announced, so far, I have chosen to support Craig Kontra for the following reasons:

*Craig Kontra has paid his dues. Running for office is costly, hard, requires determination, is exhausting, and is not for the faint of heart. Craig Kontra was so convinced he could do a superior job that he ran twice, narrowly missing both times.
*He suffered financially as a result of running against his boss. He was not promoted.
*Craig Kontra has shown the highest ethics and great reserve in the face of the adverse costs of running for elected office.
*Craig Kontra is not an angry individual. He has modulated his emotions in the face of personal attacks and unwarranted attacks on his character.
*Craig Kontra is a listener. He listens and considers in a very open and deliberative manner. He is not a know-it-all.
*Craig Kontra is loyal. He has shown his loyalty in his lengthy marriage, in the way he treats his friends, even when there is little or no benefit to him.
*Craig Kontra is a hard worker. No one disputes this fact.
*Craig Kontra is a family man with strong values of integrity. He will set an excellent example for his deputies.
*Craig Kontra has shown leadership. He has earned awards as a Deputy. He has led strong campaigns against a popular incumbent. He instills loyalty in his followers.
*Craig Kontra will be fair. He will not discriminate, as demonstrated by his action and example.
*Craig Kontra will be accessible, as he has demonstrated by his actions.
*Craig Kontra is modest and not self-aggrandizing.
*Craig Kontra has lots of ideas. He will breathe new energy into law enforcement in Calvert County,
*Craig Kontra is not part of the “Good Old Boy Network” that looks the other way for “friends.”
*Craig Kontra will pursue justice—not just high arrest statistics.
These are just some of my reasons for endorsing Craig Kontra for Calvert County Sheriff.